Images of 2003.


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7:34 AM. The Sun's Getting There.

…and by a few minutes later, the sun was getting close.

7:34 AM. The Roof Next Door.

The building next door has a roof with all sorts of interesting lines on it. Modern cables aren't in the walls, so they have to be strung across the roof instead.


7:34 AM. A Puddle on My Roof.

Between rainfall and dew, it was wet up there. I caught this reflection of the trees and clouds in a puddle on the roof.

7:38 AM. Flying Antennas.

TV antennas against the vast, blue sky.

7:42 AM. Sun's Almost Up.

Only a few minutes later, and the sun has almost risen…

7:45 AM. San Francisco Wakes Up.

…and so you can see San Francisco by now, slowly waking up in the morning sun.

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