Images of 2003.


Mornings are amazing. They're beautiful, and almost nobody is up to see them — which grants them a solitude I really like.

I woke up at 6:00 AM on New Year's Day to watch the sun rise on the new year. I took my camera and tripod up to the roof of my apartment, just to see what 2003 looked like. I ended up shooting an entire card's worth of pictures (about 110).

Then I went back to sleep.

Here are the best ones. The last page contains my favorites.


• No images have been retouched; however, many have been cropped.
• Click on any image to see a much larger version.


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6:46 AM. First Light.

It was early, it was chilly, and it was beautiful. I could still see the lights on the street and inside a few houses.

7:15 AM. Early Clouds in the Sky.

The sun, still hidden, turned some high clouds purple, red, and pink.

7:18 AM. A Rooftop Jungle.

California doesn't have "summer" and "winter". Instead, it's dry in the summer, and wet in the winter (which interestingly means things are brown in the summer and green in the winter).

Anyway, the colors here are amazing: it looks (and feels) like you're in a rainforest from up there, everything is so green and lush.

7:21 AM. Looking West.

You can just barely make out the outlines of San Francisco, through the fog, in the distance.

7:26 AM. Clouds and the Chimney.

The building I live in was built in 1909. There are still chimneys on the roof left over from when it had wood-burning stoves.

7:29 AM. Contrail.

A jet, heading east on a very early-morning flight, left a contrail across the sky that the sun lit up like a flame…

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